Effectiveness of the Young Entrepreneur Program

Effectiveness of the Young Entrepreneur Program

Danielle, one of our assistant managers, is focused on working her way toward growing Infinite Promotional Solutions into North Jersey. It’s a big goal, but one we know she will accomplish. After all, Danielle worked her way into management by way of our Young Entrepreneur Program.

The YEP is our immersive career development system, which is designed to give our trainees knowledge on every area of customer service, marketing, human resources, and management. It’s an ideal fit for team members seeking Infinite Promotional Solutions experiences that will help them establish leadership credentials both now and in the future.

Danielle, for example, learned how to work together with different teams as part of her career path. This gave her chances to learn from seasoned leaders and managers, and watch them implement our unique methods. She was also offered many opportunities to sharpen both her technical and people skills with hands-on projects while also adding to the curriculum to be used for future trainees.

This zeal for training benefits Infinite Promotional Solutions as well. By taking such care in creating the YEP, we can focus on building the skills and experiences that best meet the needs of our company. Morale is improved as well, because the presence of the program proves how invested we are in the success of our team.

Danielle is a perfect example of what happens when ambition and talent meet our Young Entrepreneur Program, and we can’t wait to see her lead a team into North Jersey! To follow her progress, like us on Facebook.