PRESS RELEASE: Infinite Promotional Solutions Offering Big Opportunities

PRESS RELEASE: Infinite Promotional Solutions Offering Big Opportunities

WOODLAND PARK, NJ – The Infinite Promotional Solutions leadership discussed the opportunities offered to its team members. According to Megan, the company President, the firm’s culture is focused on achieving growth together.

Succeeding in the customer acquisition industry requires the Infinite Promotional Solutions team to offer great incentives to its associates, asserted Megan. Career growth involves both learning and advancement opportunities. Megan and her management team have worked to develop both these elements so their people can realize their career goals.

“We want people to come to Infinite Promotional Solutions and find the opportunities they need to achieve their aspirations,” she said. “Our approach to promotions is to keep the process as self-paced as possible. Our people can advance whenever they have shown the drive and merit to take on new challenges. We avoid including seniority or politics in our decision-making process.”

She also indicated that she tries to give people chances to gain appropriate experience. For example, Infinite Promotional Solutions associates get to interact with business partners during quarterly meetings. They also get management and customer acquisition training, plus networking experience.

“By exposing our people to new challenges regularly, we keep them learning,” Megan explained. “Of course, we always give them the tools to succeed. For example, everyone on our team can receive mentorship from our veteran managers. It is a simple way to help our people find ways to overcome any goal they take on.”

Infinite Promotional Solutions’ President on Hiring Practices

Megan stated that her approach to growth opportunities is supported by the Infinite Promotional Solutions hiring practices. By finding driven, talented candidates, it is easier to keep everyone moving toward their respective goals.

“Offering many opportunities is part of our culture,” she elaborated. “Like any culture, ours starts with hiring. So, we apply a lot of best practice to help us find top applicants.”

One strategy for finding great people is to focus on attitude rather than prior experience, she said. People who will mesh well with the team will often perform better even if they have lesser technical skills. According to Megan, a skill set is easier to teach than a new mind-set.

Megan also indicated that focusing on the problems the role will solve is a good approach. “Rather than a job description, have a problem statement. Most jobs are about helping the team overcome challenges. So, make the conversation about that rather than a list of responsibilities. Like any other business relationship, hiring should be about adding value.”

About Infinite Promotional Solutions

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