Infinite Promotional Solutions: The Perfect Thank You

Infinite Promotional Solutions: The Perfect Thank You

You can’t forget to follow up after a job interview, because it’s a key part of making a strong impression on a hiring manager. If you want to properly thank your interviewer and stand out in his or her mind, our Infinite Promotional Solutions leaders urge you to include these elements in your follow-up letter:

• A Solid Professional Greeting: Make sure you get the salutation just right (Ms. covers single and married women), and then move into a compelling intro paragraph. Offer your most sincere thanks for your meeting and offer a genuine compliment at the same time.

• Heartfelt Feel: You don’t want to include too much jargon or any type of slang in your letter, because you want it to be read as a personal message of gratitude. Try to match your language to the culture of the organization while still letting your personality shine through.

• Be Direct: Our Infinite Promotional Solutions leaders encourage you to make the body of your letter concise and right to the point. There’s no good reason to repeat any points made during the interview, but do try to reinforce the reasons why you are the best fit for the position in question. Be sure to include some specific reference to your discussion that will jog the person’s memory right out of the gate.

We at Infinite Promotional Solutions hope you will remember these points the next time you write a thank-you letter to a hiring manager.