Our Interns Are Valuable Team Members

Our Interns Are Valuable Team Members

We extend our Infinite Promotional Solutions focus on growth beyond our current team members, and seek out college students and recent grads for our internship program. Currently, the firm has 12 interns who are making quite a name for themselves, and Megan, our company President, couldn’t be more excited.

“Our focus on helping women and men develop their potential has been at the heart of Infinite Promotional Solutions’ success from the beginning,” Megan explained. “One of our central priorities has been and always will be growing our team with those whose values and principles align with ours, and turning them into thriving professionals. Our internship program is a natural extension of this ideal, and the results have been stellar.”

The Infinite Promotional Solutions interns are great for the firm in several ways. Students and new grads bring a fresh perspective that is inspiring, for instance, and their knowledge of social media and the latest apps is useful as well. The ultimate benefit, of course, is that when these people are ready to enter the workforce full time, they are fully trained to excel at our company.

What interns gain is immersion in our operations and access to coaches and mentors that will guide them through our processes. We get them working with as many teams as possible so they can see all the different departments of the company and how they work together. Then, by the end of the session, the most promising participants have a place with us once they’re done with school.

Internships are useful experiences for ambitious young people, and we appreciate what interns offer us as well. Check out our Newswire feed for more on interning with our company.