Megan, Dani, and Danielle Celebrate Their Big Wins

Megan, Dani, and Danielle Celebrate Their Big Wins

Our client, Inspire Energy, runs monthly competitions to honor the top 20 people working on their nationwide campaign. This month, three of Infinite Promotional Solutions’ top performers were named winners out of the group of 167 who were competing: Megan, Dani, and Danielle. They got to attend a Phillies game as their reward and were very excited by their performances.

These three won recognition because they had the best compliance in terms of interactions with the companies we represent and the public. We are confident that they will find themselves among the top 20 many times in the future.

We often unite around common goals within the Infinite Promotional Solutions office. Our commitment to teamwork makes incentives such as the monthly top 20 a prime opportunity to bring our people closer while pursuing a key objective. We learn more about each other’s talents every time we compete for an honor like this one, a factor that aids future projects.

Goal setting such as that used in an event like this is another key pursuit for us. It fuels our determination to get better at what we do. Knowing we need to hit the top 20 to earn incentives helps us focus our efforts and hit our targets.

We salute Megan, Dani, and Danielle for their achievements, and we look forward to seeing if any of our people reach the top 20 next month.

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