An Office Competition to Stoke Our Motivation

An Office Competition to Stoke Our Motivation

Office competitions are a special kind of team-building pursuit. Believe it or not, we’ve found that a little jostling for the top can help our team work better together. That’s why we engage in such initiatives. In fact, we’ve got an exciting one going for Infinite Promotional Solutions right now.

Megan is running a contest as we speak, and the prize is considerable. Winners will be attending an entrepreneurial meeting hosted by Daymond John, the founder of FUBU and one of the stars of “Shark Tank.” There are sure to be some interesting insights on business offered during this event. Five individuals can qualify for the trip, but they must meet big benchmarks to do so.

We make a habit of pushing ourselves beyond our current skill sets, and Megan’s contest reflects this Infinite Promotional Solutions value. Office competitions help us become more accountable for our results. We track our progress toward the finish line during these contests. This energy carries over into other projects after a winner has been declared.

Supporting each other as we chase after an objective is another positive outcome of friendly competition. We become closer as a group through these experiences. As importantly, we also become more attuned to each other’s unique talents. The results are stronger teamwork and more consistent wins for the companies we promote.

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