Podcasts That are Perfect for Leaning While Commuting

Podcasts That are Perfect for Leaning While Commuting

Continual learning is a central part of how we keep Infinite Promotional Solutions growing. We are always looking for new ways to gain new insight into the world of business. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts while commuting is a great way to turn unproductive time into a chance to learn. Here are a few podcasts that are perfect for the rides to and from the office:

• “Hidden Brain”: This National Public Radio show and podcast is focused on exploring some of the secrets behind the brain. Topics include cognitive missteps, biases, and blind spots. It is a fascinating look into how people make decisions.

• “Happier With Gretchen Rubin”: Happiness is a key part of how we define success at Infinite Promotional Solutions. This podcast by Gretchen Rubin is all about cultivating a happier life. She often focuses on how habits – both good and bad – can have big effects on people.

• “Arming the Donkeys”: In this podcast, behavioral economist Dan Ariely studies people being irrational. He looks at how they often work against their own interests. For example, individuals often overpay for goods or feel bad about things that should make them feel good. It is a glimpse into some of the strange contradictions of human thinking.

• “99% Invisible”: Anyone with an interest in design should listen to this podcast. In a series of short episodes, host Roman Mars delves into how the elements of design affect our everyday lives.

These podcasts are great choices for learning during your commute.