Saving 15 to 20 Tons of Coal Per Customer!

Saving 15 to 20 Tons of Coal Per Customer!

Infinite Promotional Solutions makes more than a profit; it’s a company that makes a difference. Our firm represents Inspire Energy, so we are part of the clean energy movement that is sweeping across the globe.

Each time one of our team members acquires a new customer for Inspire Energy, it results in an average savings of 15 to 20 tons of coal! This is a huge Infinite Promotional Solutions motivator; we’re convinced that clean energy is the way in which everyone should go.

You might not know it, but buildings are responsible for almost 40 percent of the carbon pollution in the U.S. Lighting, AC, and electronics consume huge amounts of energy, especially when they’re run 24 hours a day. Under the fossil fuel system, this accounts for tremendous amounts of greenhouse gasses.

What we help Inspire Energy do is make a home carbon neutral, which is also called a net zero energy home. Using clean energy, we not only get homeowners off the grid, houses can even begin to produce more energy than they need and store the surplus.

The green energy movement is just starting, and Infinite Promotional Solutions is in on the ground floor. It is our mission to bring clean power to as many people as possible, and overhaul the century-old fossil fuel energy industry. For more on clean energy, like us on Facebook.