A Straightforward Explanation of Wind Energy

A Straightforward Explanation of Wind Energy

The air is electric at Infinite Promotional Solutions meetings when we talk about our clean energy partners. These businesses are providing the latest green energy products to small businesses and homeowners, and our team is part of the movement.

Keeping up with the latest trends in such a progressive industry takes commitment, but the basics are easy to explain. For example, one of the main types of clean energy that Team Infinite Promotional Solutions backs is wind energy, which describes power that is generated from an immense turbine.

Think of a fan, but put the way it works in reverse. Rather than pushing air with fan blades that are being supplied with energy from an outlet, wind turns the fan. This cranks a shaft connected to a rotor, which creates clean energy, so called because of the lack of pollutants associated with the burning of fossil fuels. This electricity is then sent to a power station.

The benefits of wind energy stretch far beyond the lack of pollution. For example, it’s a growth industry which will create over 300,000 new jobs in the U.S. by 2025. Also, by buying wind energy consumers reduce the need to import fossil fuels, freeing up capital for more important uses, like domestic infrastructure projects.

It is our Infinite Promotional Solutions goal to be a major player in the clean energy movement. To learn more about wind power and other green energy sources, check out our Newswire feed.