Use the Interview to Spotlight Your Uniqueness

Use the Interview to Spotlight Your Uniqueness

Infinite Promotional Solutions is expanding, which means that our hiring managers are in the process of conducting interviews to add fresh talent to our roster. This gives them some unique insight into the interviewing process, some of which we’d like to share with you here.

For example, one of the most common missteps made in interviews by potential Infinite Promotional Solutions candidates is trying to sell themselves on general qualifications. Basic skills are what the résumé shows though, and what gets someone invited to the meeting. Instead, we suggest that the interview is the time when someone should explain their uniqueness.

To do this, give some thought before the meeting about the ways in which you are distinctive. Having experience in a different industry than the one for which you are interviewing is a good thing, if it gave you transferable skills or a range of qualifications.

For instance, tech experience could make you even more valuable to a marketing team if you can provide valuable insight into data analysis. Likewise, people skills might make you the star of an IT department. What matter most are the stories you tell about your skills and experiences, and the research you’ve done on the company you hope to join.

Interviews are the best time to show how you and you alone have the qualifications for success. To get more Infinite Promotional Solutions interview tips, like us on Facebook.