Adding Valuable Contacts in Dallas

Adding Valuable Contacts in Dallas

We receive a variety of travel incentives around the Infinite Promotional Solutions office. Some of our favorites are conferences that provide us with great networking opportunities. That was the case with our recent trip to Dallas, Texas for a quarterly conference. David, Kiara, Gabrielle, and Tyler represented our company in the Lone Star State.

“Our branding experts get to meet people from around the world at these quarterly gatherings,” stated Megan, our Infinite Promotional Solutions President. “They create lasting bonds as they discuss best practices in the interactive marketing world. It’s always exciting to visit other parts of the country, but this trip was especially rewarding because of all the amazing insights being shared.”

Networking is a powerful development tool because it puts us in contact with so many different types of successful people. The connections we make at big industry events run the gamut of success stories. As we learn about the many paths people have taken to reach the highest levels of our industry, we get inspired to streamline our own methods.

We make sure to take plenty of notes as we meet top performers from other markets. With some background info in mind, it’s easier for us to craft effective follow-up messages. Jotting down a few key points on the business cards we collect has proven to be a helpful strategy.

Our team members are ready to make the most of the connections they made in Dallas. Follow Infinite Promotional Solutions on Twitter for updates on all our travel events.