Advancement Goes Beyond What’s on a Résumé

Advancement Goes Beyond What’s on a Résumé

Adding achievements to your résumé is always a good idea, but it takes more to secure meaningful career advancement. We frequently discuss our long-term goals around the Infinite Promotional Solutions office. We’ve learned that the following elements fuel career advancement just as much as performing at a high level in our current positions.

Doing homework on the roles we want to occupy is one thing we’ve found to be essential in ensuring steady advancement. The better we understand what we’d like our futures to look like, the more productive action steps we can take to make good progress.

We’re also sure to follow through on every Infinite Promotional Solutions project for which we volunteer our services. It’s one thing to put our names in when extra help is needed, but being sure to see every project through to a successful end builds our reputations. Being known as a reliable professional is a subtle but essential part of winning promotions.

Strong relationships come in handy in terms of steady career advancement. We go out of our way to help colleagues however we can, knowing the good will we generate could pay off in a big way down the line. Even more importantly, we forge solid bonds with our supervisors by asking for feedback that will help us improve.

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