How to Become Irreplaceable, According to Mark Cuban

How to Become Irreplaceable, According to Mark Cuban

There are some people in the world who always have Team Infinite Promotional Solutions’ undivided attention. Whenever they speak, we listen. Mark Cuban certainly makes that list, and he recently shared some excellent advice in an interview with Money magazine.

Specifically, he was talking about the qualities that make associates indispensable to him. While such traits as industry knowledge, ambition, and continual learning habits are important, these are simply requirements in his opinion – minimums that he expects from all his employees. (They’re Infinite Promotional Solutions must-haves as well.)

For Cuban, the number-one skill that any team member can possess is the ability to reduce his stress. “The people that tend to work for me a long time, not only are smart, not only are driven, not only are learners, but they understand that the greatest value you can offer a boss is to reduce their stress,” Cuban explained.

He continued, saying, “Anybody who reduces my stress becomes invaluable to me. I never want to get rid of them. The people who tend to think that they are invaluable are typically the ones who create the most stress by creating firestorms and creating drama and making things more difficult for me. If you are a stress reducer, you’re going to do well. If you’re a drama creator, you’re not going to do well.”

As one of our heroes, we give Cuban’s opinions a lot of weight.