How to Get Your Willpower Into Shape

How to Get Your Willpower Into Shape

Willpower is like a muscle, both in the way that it gets stronger with use and in the way that it can give out when it’s overused. To not only train ourselves to have more self-discipline, but to make it last longer as well, we follow these Infinite Promotional Solutions guidelines:

• Focus on Your Passions: When we’re doing things we love, we never have to worry about staying on track. We apply this principle to Infinite Promotional Solutions projects by either focusing on the aspects of our work that we enjoy most, or powering through tasks that aren’t our favorites so we can get to the ones that are.

• Get the Hardest Duties Out of the Way: Often, we have several responsibilities during any given day, and the option to prioritize them however we choose. To ensure we have the energy to get the toughest duties out of the way, we do them as early as possible.

• Work With Your Biorhythms: Everyone has an internal clock that determines optimal times of the day to do certain things (for more on this topic, check out “The Power of When,” by Dr. Michael Breus). Working with our natural programming requires us to exert less willpower.

Even the most strong-willed among us benefit from these suggestions.