Make Your Commute Better With These Tips

Make Your Commute Better With These Tips

Ask people what their least productive time of day is, and they’re likely to point to their daily commutes to and from work. Depending on where we live, getting to the office can be a short walk or a long drive or ride with public transportation. No matter what, as we’ve discussed in our Infinite Promotional Solutions meetings, our daily commutes can add up to valuable time over the course of a week. Let’s explore how we can make these moments enjoyable (or even productive):

” Mix Up the Route: When we travel along the same route every day, we tend to go on autopilot. However, when we follow a different path, it stimulates our brains, which can improve our creativity. Therefore, one best practice is to discover an alternate route occasionally. This could mean taking a parallel street or finding a scenic drive home.

” Listen and Learn: We’re all about discovering new knowledge in our Infinite Promotional Solutions office. Commutes can be great times to listen to podcasts and audiobooks and learning materials.

” Be in the Moment: Driving is a perfect time to practice mindfulness, especially since we need to be focused on the road. We can also employ this technique while riding a bus or subway and pay closer attention to what’s going on around us.

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