Now Hiring for Our Wide-Ranging Internship Program

Now Hiring for Our Wide-Ranging Internship Program

With graduation season just around the corner, we’re excited to announce that we’re hiring for the Infinite Promotional Solutions internship program. Megan, our firm’s President, explained, “Our program is special in that it provides cross-training for a variety of marketable skills. Interns receive a wide-ranging education while being paid for their work.”

Our interns gain in sales, marketing, and customer service. We also focus our training program on leadership and helping others advance their growth. Human resources tasks are areas of focus for our interns as well. They learn about hiring, recruiting, and the overall structure of our business. There’s even a final semester project geared to each intern’s major.

When meeting with would-be interns, Megan asks a few key questions to find the right fits. She explained, “Perhaps the most important thing to ask is how a person’s coursework aligns with the type of training we provide. We offer a wide range of business insights. However, it’s nice to know if a candidate is more focused on marketing, management, or some other area in his or her studies.”

Megan also asks potential interns how much they know about Infinite Promotional Solutions. Any candidate who shows real knowledge of our mission and work culture will stand out from the pack.

We’re ready to bring some fresh energy into our office. Get more details about our internship program by following Infinite Promotional Solutions on Twitter.