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One of Infinite Promotional Solutions’ core values is philanthropy. We are dedicated to giving back to our community because we are grateful for the support our neighbors have shown our firm. As such, our team engages in volunteer activities, fundraising events, and other outreach efforts on behalf of nonprofits in our area. By giving to help the causes about which we’re passionate, we’re able to impact positive change while bonding as a team. It’s part of our firm’s mission to be a good neighbor to our customers and other local businesses.

BCRF: Saving Lives Near and Afar

Infinite Promotional Solutions’ team is proud to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s ongoing mission to fund treatment and prevention research for this disease. We know that the time and energy we’ve devoted to this cause will be part of the solution to help BCRF continue its fight to save lives.

In October, we participated in the Copa Maribel Women’s Softball Cancer Tournament in Jersey City. The tourney honored Maria, who was first diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 2008. She successfully underwent treatment and was cancer-free until January 2015. However, she was then diagnosed with incurable Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, which spread to her bones. We took part in the event to honor this devoted wife, mother, daughter, and dear friend.

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