Phrases to Use in Presentations to Increase Impact

Phrases to Use in Presentations to Increase Impact

Whenever we are running a campaign, Infinite Promotional Solutions’ associates strive to connect with our audiences. The ability to speak to a group and be persuasive is a valuable skill for any professional. It is also something that many people want to be better at performing. Fortunately, using a few key phrases can quickly make a presentation more impactful:

• “Three Examples Are…”: Backing up a key point with examples makes it much more impactful. Following the Rule of Three when doing so is even more effective. Five or more examples are too many and hard to follow. However, giving one or two is often not enough.

• “This Is Good for…”: Explain the benefits of what you are saying clearly. When applying this phrase, we at Infinite Promotional Solutions often like to apply the Rule of Three again. The repetition of the core idea makes it more persuasive and easier to remember.

• “Now I Want to Talk About…”: Following a spoken message isn’t always easy. Great speakers overcome this with clear transitions between sections. These verbal directions help to keep the audience on the right page throughout the talk.

• “You…”: Perhaps the most important thing to say during a talk is why it all matters to the listeners. Try to focus your content around the audience and its wants and needs.

These phrases represent best practices in public speaking. To find out about our company culture, follow us on Facebook