Questions to Guide Ethical Decisions

Questions to Guide Ethical Decisions

Ethics are important. That’s why we’ve found it helpful to ask ourselves the following types of questions around the Infinite Promotional Solutions’ office before choosing which path to take.

The first thing we ponder is if we have been transparent in our decisions. We are up front in presenting our rationale every time we make a big choice. This is especially important when a lot of other people are impacted by the course of action we decide to take. We show our colleagues respect by laying out our reasoning with complete clarity.

It’s also important to ask if a certain choice reflects our values. Our goal is to stay in line with Infinite Promotional Solutions’ guiding principles and our own moral compasses at the same time. When our decisions are guided by the values on which we all agree, it’s much easier to act with integrity in our regular communications and interactions with others.

Asking what the decision will look like in the rearview mirror is another good strategy for making the right ethical calls. We want to make the right choice so that we can be proud of the outcome.

These types of questions help us find the right way forward when we face pivotal choices. For more on our approach to ethical decision making, check out the Infinite Promotional Solutions Newswire.