Rewarding Business Travel Events

Rewarding Business Travel Events

We use all kinds of travel opportunities to expand our horizons here at Infinite Promotional Solutions. A couple of exciting trips are getting 2018 off to a great start in terms of growing through travel, and we’re excited about this year’s upcoming excursions as well.

Dan, our firm’s human resources director, recently went on a road trip to Massachusetts. He hung out with some top industry leaders while he was up north, learning a few new business practices at the same time. He was excited to bring some innovative recruiting tools back to the Infinite Promotional Solutions office.

We will also be represented by hand-selected individuals at a leadership conference from February 10-11. We’re looking forward to finding out who will attend this event, as well as learning which influential leaders from our industry will be there. There’s no doubt that whoever goes to this event will return home with an array of helpful new contacts.

All of these travel events are tied to reaching our expansion goals. We have aggressive growth goals in place, so we know we’ll need fresh insights to help achieve them. We’ll also be looking for business-minded people to join our team in the months to come, especially as we work toward spreading the market all the way to Washington, D.C.

These trips will serve our team well as we move through a busy 2018. Stay updated on all our travel events by following Infinite Promotional Solutions on Twitter.