Ways to Identify Which Networking Invitations to Take

Ways to Identify Which Networking Invitations to Take

Networking has played a significant role in the growth of Infinite Promotional Solutions. Making professional connections can open new doors and lead to partnerships that accelerate success. So, just about everyone can benefit from networking more. As you are planning when and where to network, consider these guidelines:

• Evaluate the Upside: Consider what you could potentially gain out of a given event. You may be surprised by some people and everyone can offer value. However, you must use your limited time wisely. So, identify the opportunities that best align with your goals.

• Use the Today Test: It is easy to get excited about a future event. A simple trick that has become popular around the Infinite Promotional Solutions office is to think whether the event would be worth attending if it were today.

• Favor Curated Events: Look for events that have been carefully planned. The ones that have specific groups in mind tend to be more focused and beneficial. Better yet, go to events with hosts who clearly have connecting people in mind.

• Try to Network Naturally: Think about which events will be the most comfortable for you. It is important to be genuine when meeting people because it builds trust. This will come easiest at events where you will naturally fit in.

Follow these ideas to find the right networking events for your needs. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook